!EL Tour was started in 2000 by a group of good friends. Since then we have enjoyed season after season of bicycle touring, showing off the Mexico that we know and love, and exploring new routes every year. We have enjoyed an incredible repeat rate of 38% and as high as 71% in recent years - people just keep coming back so we must be doing something right! We cater to singles, couples and groups of friends. We've had cyclists aged 18 to 74; anyone with an adventurous, curious spirit is welcome! Our female cyclists make up from 25% to 54% of our total over a season, and our guide to client ratio is the best you'll ever see at 5 to 1 maximum!
We are recommended and mentioned in many books, including:
Yucatan and Mayan Mexico, 2005
Lonely Planet: Mexico, 2006
Lonely Planet: Mexico, 2008
Footprint Belize, Guatemala & Southern Mexico, 2008
Lonely Planet: Yucatan, 2006
The People's Guide to Mexico, 2006
Mexico. Polyglott on Tour. Mit Flipmap, 2005
Mexico & Central America, 2006
Let's Go Mexico, 2007
Among your fun, friendly and knowledgeable hosts and guides are Basil , Joel, Alexandra and Karin. Please direct your questions and comments to Basil.


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Basil, a "retired" electrical engineer, has the most bike touring experience specific to Mexico. Having cycled over 100 thousand kilometres in Mexico (much of it solo), and lived, worked and travelled in various parts of the country since 1997, he is fluent in Spanish and familiar with the customs. He is certified in First Aid and CPR and is also a PADI certified dive master. He speaks a few words of Yucatec Maya language, is also fluent in Greek, and speaks a smattering of other languages too.


Alexandra has been cycling in Mexico since 2002. She has a degree in Latin American studies and socio-cultural anthropology from the University of Toronto where she specialized in Mexico, Brazil and Peru. The history, cultures, people and art of Mexico are her passion. Since 1993 she has lived in Brazil, Honduras and Mexico and she is fluent in Spanish and of course English. Alexandra is certified in first aid and CPR and is an experienced SCUBA diver.


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(San Cristóbal, México)

Joel lives in San Cristóbal, Chiapas. He has run Los Pinguinos since 1994 renting some of the best bikes in town and leading tourists on day-tours exploring the surrounding mountains and villages by bike. Spanish is his mother tongue, and Mexican customs are also his own. He can also speak Tzotzil (a Mayan dialect), German, and of course, English. Joel actively promotes cycling in his community and has helped to develop mountain bike racing in the area.


Karin, a native of Switzerland, is now a resident of Mexico. She is fluent in English, German and Spanish.

She lives in San Cristobal and works as a Thai massage therapist and nurse.