Our price, the Guides' Fee, is for our services. We start by organising the tour and assembling a group of cyclists. Next, the Info-Pack that you will receive upon registration which will provide details about the tour and how to prepare for it. Once in Mexico we will guide you, assist with bike repairs and arrange for accommodations and places to eat. Where necessary we will arrange for English speaking guides for local tours, provide translation services and offer additional options or alternatives.

You bring your own bicycle and other necessary gear. You arrange and pay for your transportation to the tour starting point in Mexico, though we will be happy to lend a hand with arrangements if necessary.

In Mexico you will also be required to pay for all your food, drink, accommodation, transportation, entrance fees, fees for local guides (at ruins, scuba, snorkelling, etc), equipment rental (scuba, snorkeling, etc), etc.

The following table lists our Guides' Fee for each tour as well as approximate tour costs. El Tour trips are designed to be economical, however costs will differ from person to person as food and accommodation choices may vary. All fees and costs are in US dollars.

Table of Estimated Tour Costs per Person in USD$

Tour El Tour + Personal Expenses (estimated) = Total
Accommodations Food
Misc. Approximate
Total Land Cost
of Tour
More Yucatan
Backroads 2020

$1000 $260 $240 $160 $1660


To register you must pay a USD$200 non-refundable deposit and fill out and submit a registration form.

Your deposit will secure your place on your choice of tour(s) up until 2 months prior to the start of the tour.

At that time the balance of the Guides' Fee is due.